How to Use Your Mixer Grinder Juicer Properly?

A mixer juicer grinder is probably the most hard-working appliance in your kitchen. The multi-tasking organ of the kitchen works continuously in and out to make chutneys, thick gravies, and grind spices for you. It not only fills the role but takes the load off your shoulder.

From blending, chopping, grinding to juicing and mixing, a mixer grinder has come a long way in all these years. The most versatile and efficient appliance is designed to make your life easier. You might have the best mixer grinder in India, but you need to use it right to get maximum out of it.

Quicken Up Your Cooking With The Following Juicer Mixer Ideas.

  • Beat the Heat with the Fresh Juices

Fresh, tasty, and nutritious juices are the staple food of the summer. Refresh your body and your family with the nectar drops of the real fruits.

Juicers allow you to pulp your fruits and make fresh juices instantly without any hassle. Had it been possible without an efficient and well-performing appliance?

  • Complement Your Meals with Tangy Chutneys

Different foods taste better with different kinds of chutneys. You need red tomato chutneys with North Indian fried foods and similarly, coconut chutney tastes impeccably well with South Indian dosas and idlis.

The sizzling pakoras taste bland without green chilies and coriander chutney.

Would it have been possible to mince a spectrum of chutneys without a mixer grinder?

Most of the mixer grinder brands offer a special chutney jar, keeping the importance of chutney in mind. Make the spicy, tangy, delicious, and fresh chutneys in a jiffy.

  • Finely Chopped Vegetables for Thick Gravies

The curries are an indispensable part of Indian cuisine. You need finely chopped ingredients if you want to make delicious, mouth-watering thick gravies. Nothing should come in the mouth as such to chew.

For this, you need the highest quality mixer-grinder to churn out the ingredients really well. The raw form of the ingredients should blend in each other, and then in your desired dish.

  • Grinding Masalas

Indian cuisine is a perfect amalgamation of taste and aroma. It is impossible to reach the desired level of perfection without using the right quantity of the right masalas.

The finely and freshly minced spices enrich the whole meal with just a little quantity like 1 or 2 pinches.

The superior quality blenders give a perfect texture to your spices and grate them with perfection without removing their aroma and taste.

If you want to make your cooking easy and enjoyable, you can easily purchase the best mixer grinder 750 watts in India 2021 without spending a good fortune of money. What you need to do is to find an appliance with eminent features to improve your kitchen experience.

Here is a list of some essential features that you must look for.

  • Continuous Grinding

A cooking freak needs to be bestowed upon this biggest blessing. The mixer should allow continuous grinding. Many mixers cannot work continuously and thus make the cooking process slow.

  • The Variety of Jars

Having only one jar promotes the ‘Use, wash, and repeat’ cycle which makes the work complicated. That is why most of the reputed companies provide 2 or 3 additional jars for selling their mixers. Different jars are suitable for different kinds of grinding purposes.

For instance, the bigger jars are meant for making juices and smoothies. Similarly, the smaller ones are meant for making chutneys and mincing other ingredients.

  • Anti-Drip spout

You must have experienced dripping juices or some other mixtures from the jars while the machine is on. The bigger brands observed the issue and came up with a smart anti-drip scout technology. The technology protects the ingredients from coming out of the jar.

  • Warranty

Investing in any appliance or machine should not be disheartening. What if the machines stop working after a short interval of time? All the money will get down the drain. Hence, it advised buying a mixer grinder with a warranty of at least 2 years.

  • High Power

It is important to pay attention to the power and working of the mixer grinder before making the final decision. The power of the machine should be a minimum of 500W.

This article will not only help you understand the rightful use of the mixer grinder but, will assist you in making the right choice as well.

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