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In this modern world, home appliances are really necessary as it makes our life more comfortable and convenient. Home appliances are mostly mechanical or electrical machines that help us in our household jobs such as cleaning, cooking, preserving food, washing, purifying, exercising, and more. The major household appliances used in our day to day life are mostly for kitchen and bathrooms. The appliances that are used in a kitchen mostly accomplish cooking, cleaning, and preserving food.

An electric kettle is one of the most useful kitchen appliances which are used not only for boiling water make but also to make tea, coffee, etc. All you need to do is to open the lid and pour water or other ingredients and switch on the electricity. The thick metal coil in the bottom of the container is called the heating component. When the kettle is plugged on, the electric current flows into the heating component. The resistance in the component turns the electrical energy to hit the coil and ultimately the cold water starts warming up.

[Compare] Top Best 10 Electric Kettles in India 2021

Best Electric Kettles CapacityWarranty TimeCheck Price
Butterfly Ekn Kettle 1.5 Liters1 Year
Inalsa Electric Kettle 1.5 Liters1 Year
Prestige Pkoss Electric Kettle1.5 Liters1 Year
Kent 16023 Electric Kettle1.7 Liters1 Year
Philips Hd9306/06 Electric Kettle1.5 Liters2 Year
Cello Electric Kettle1 Liters1 Year
Orpat Oek-8137 Electric Kettle1.2 Liters1 Year
Kitchoff Wdf Automatic Electric Kettle1.5 Liters1 Year
Prestige Pk Gss Electric Kettle1.7 Liters1 Year
Pigeon Electric Kettle1.5 Liters1 Year

Top 10 Best Electric Kettles in India 2021

Have a look at the best ten electric kettles brands in India.

Nowadays electric kettle has become an important part of every kitchen. Not only big appliances like refrigerators, dishwashers, mixture grinders, etc but small appliances like electric kettle, dough maker, micro oven, mixture juicer, etc are also adopted for efficient and managing time. An electric kettle is easier to carry around so here is the list of 10 best electric kettles found in India.

1. Butterfly Ekn 1.5 Litre Water Kettle

Butterfly Ekn 1.5 Litre Water Kettle

Butterfly Company provides the best electric appliances in India. During their invention times, it was counted below the basket but now it is the talk of the town competing for bigger giants.

The butterfly electric kettle comes with a stainless steel body. It has 360-degree rotating base features helpful in plugging the kettle from any direction. It has features like automatic switching off during power cut, dry boiling, powerful motor, wide opening, and heat resistant handle for easy pouring of hot water. It has a powerful motor of 1500 watts and a capacity of 1.5 liters.


  • 360-degree spinning base
  • Automatic cut off
  • A thermostat of high quality
  • Concealed heating compound.


  • Small cord length.

2. Inalsa Electric Kettle 1.5-Litre Kettle

Inalsa Electric Kettle 1.5-Litre Kettle

Inalsa electric kettle comes in different colors- black and silver. It is made up of stainless steel with a concealed heating component for safety use. It can boil water within 3 minutes and has a 1.5-liter capacity which is enough to make coffee or tea for 7-8 people. It prevents calcification resulting in long-lasting use. If you need a powerful kettle with a long-lasting working ability then Inalsa electric kettle is the best option. It comes without a warranty period of one year.


  • Stainless steel design
  • Power indicator
  • Automatic shut-off option
  • 360-degree cordless spinning base.


  • Not durable

3. Prestige Pkoss Electric Kettle

Prestige Pkoss Electric Kettle

The prestige electric kettle is a cordless kettle that is disconnected from its base when you pour the boiled water. The prestige electric kettle has good features, power, capacity, and design. It contains a water level indicator where you can easily see how much water is present inside. It has an automatic cut-off ability which cuts off the electric power when the temperature of water increases. It has a 1500 watt motor and 1.5-liter capacity. This kettle is your perfect companion for brewing, cooking, noodles, oatmeals, and boiling eggs.


  • Locking lid in a single touch
  • Automatic shut off option
  • Winding of cord
  • Beautiful design


  • Irremovable lid

4. Kent 16023 Electric Kettle

Kent 16023 Electric Kettle

This electric kettle is one of the trending pieces in India for its beautiful design. It is unique as its body design is transparent and made up of borosilicate glass with a stainless steel lid. Due to the glass body boiling water at high temperature is not an issue. It supports dry boiling and automatic switch-off protection. It comes with a motor of 1500 watt, a capacity of 1.7 liters with a 1 year warranty period. Add this elegant and beautiful addition to your kitchen.


  • Water level indicator
  • Dry boiling protection
  • 360-degree spinning base
  • Beautiful body design.


  • High price

5. Philips Hd9306/06 Electric Kettle

Philips Hd9306/06 Electric Kettle

Philips is the most trusted electronics manufacturer from all over the world that understands his customer and value for money. This is made up of stainless steel with a wide range of safety options for a better experience. It has different features such as wide opening, prevention from overheating, dry boiling, and steam sensor. Its cord is present at the base in a circular motion so when you need to use this just pull it out. This electric kettle provides high-quality performance with a Powerful motor of 1800 watt and 1.5-liter capacity.


  • Large capacity
  • Easy cord wrapping management
  • Steam sensor
  • Dry boiling
  • 1800 watt powerful motor
  • 1.5-liter capacity
  • 360-degree rotating base


  • Traditional design

6. Cello Electric Kettle

Cello Electric Kettle

Electric cello kettle has a wide opening for easy pouring, cleaning, and maintenance. It is made up of stainless steel which comes with a quick heating capacity. It is a good option if you want it is easy to use and a powerful kettle. It has a detachable cord which can be detached after boiling from its circular base. It comes with a capacity of 1 liter and is suitable for making soups, and boiling water.

7. Orpat Oek-8137 Electric Kettle

Orpat Oek-8137 Electric Kettle

Orpat OEK-8137 model is a cordless electric kettle that comes with an aluminum cast design and a stainless steel body. It has a 360-degree rotating base and wide mouth which is great for easy cleaning and easy pouring of liquid food. Its capacity is 1.2 liter and has a power of 1350 watts. It comes with long-lasting and safety features such as an automatic stop option, concealed heating component, and indicator light which stops functioning quality.


  • Cool handle
  • 360-degree rotating base
  • Stainless Steel body
  • Switch on-off option


  • It comes with a very low capacity of 1350 watts.

8. Kitchoff Wdf Automatic Electric Kettle

Kitchoff Wdf Automatic Electric Kettle

This electric kettle is one of the best multi-purpose kettles which come with a concealed heating element and plenty of other features. First of all, it has a durable stainless steel body with a 360-degree rotating base which allows it to serve easily. Other features include automatic cut off which stops the kettle from heat drying, power indicator light, temperature control options, easy handling designs, and a stylish glass lid.


  • Temperature control system
  • 360-degree rotating base
  • Multi-purpose electric kettle
  • Cool handle design


  • Quality issue

9. Prestige Pk Gss Electric Kettle

Prestige Pk Gss Electric Kettle

Prestige offers a wide range of electric kettles and is a masterpiece when it comes to quality and performance. This one has a capacity of 1.7 liters and a high capacity of 1500 W. Its features include a 360-degree spinning power base, concealed heating compound, detachable cord, and a glass lead which defines its elegance and beauty. It has a user-friendly handle with a power indicator in it.


  • Power indicator
  • Automatic shut off option
  • 60-degree cordless spinning base
  • User-friendly handle
  • Glass lid
  • Elegant design


  • Durability problem

10. Pigeon 1.5 Litre Electric Kettle

Pigeon 1.5 Litre Electric Kettle

The pigeon electric kettle comes with an impressive design and stainless steel which is easy to operate. It has a 360 degree rotating base with a cord winding feature. It contains an indicator that shows when the light is on or off. It possesses a higher capacity of 1.5 liters and a power of 1500 watts. The manufacturer offers a 1 year warranty period.


  • Elegant design and build,
  • 360-degree spinning cordless base,
  • Automatic shutting off option


  • Quality problem

Feature Of An Electric Kettle

  • Easy-To-Use:- Electric kettle is easy to handle after hitting as the exterior of the electric kettle is mostly an insulator material. When you use containers on a stove it becomes difficult to handle as the container is hot.
  • Portable:- An electric kettle is a very small, simple, and user-friendly kitchen appliance as you can carry it anywhere, and is used to boil water. It only requires a power source. Nowadays electric kettles have USB charging sports which is why it is portable.
  • Multi-Purpose Use:- Electric kettles are used not only to make hot water but also to make food or drinks or food-related to water such as coffee, tea, instant noodles, soups, etc.
  • Temperature Control:- As electric kettles are used for many purposes so temperature setting is not the same for all. So nowadays electric kettles come with a thermostat which tenses the user to set the temperature.
  • Automatic Shutdown:- When you use cylinders you need to shut it down manually but electric kettles come with setups that will stop the heating automatically once you plug out the electric current.

Advantages and Disadvantages Of An Electric Kettle

Advantages of the Electric Kettle:

  • An electric kettle is used daily and is a multipurpose appliance used to boil water to make tea coffee instant noodles boiling eggs, etc.
  • Electric kettles can work on a USB charger port
  • It comes with an automatic shutdown feature that avoids the kettle from burning.
  • It consumes more energy than stove kettles.
  • It is best used for people who are travel freaks as it is portable and easy to use.
  • Electric kettles have a temperature control system that allows the user to boil any water-related food.
  • Electric kettles are known for saving time as it works comparatively faster than the conventional kettles.

Disadvantages of an Electric Kettle:

  • Every electric kettle is made up of plastic so is more vulnerable to fire accidents.
  • An electric kettle is expensive than a stove kettle.
  • These are made up of plastic which will melt find the thermostat tends to fail.
  • Electric kettles consume more electricity hence raising the electric bills.

How Much Time Does A Kettle Take To Boil?

There is an old saying “a watched pot never boils” which means that you need to watch the boiling container as at that time people were using an inefficient method of cooking or open coal fires. But the old days are gone. An electric kettle is an efficient method to boil water in a couple of minutes as it needs heat energy to boil the water as efficiently and quickly as an open fire.

There are many methods to boil water- on a stove or an open fire with the help of a container where water takes a long time to boil. But in the case of a kettle, the top is closed stopping heat to escape and allows the pressure to boil and dries faster.

Generally, an electric kettle range 2400 watts which means it consumes 2400 joules of electric energy per second. So the kettle takes about 2 to 3 minutes to boil.

How Did Instant Hot Water Boilers Work?

If you want your kettle to boil water faster than you need, then use a powerful kettle or useless water.

Instant water boilers can boil a glass full of water quickly. It contains a powerful heating component and is also designed that the component can operate safely and quickly in contact with a small amount of water only. Let you are boiling water with an energy of 3000 watts then it will take only 30 seconds to boil.

Uses Of Electric Kettle

Are you a working coffee or tea freak? Do you need instant tea or a coffee early in the morning? Are you outside your home and need warm water to drink or to make quick foodstuff? Do not worry as your electric kettle we will provide you many surprising uses of it. This is a compact and user-friendly appliance that will give your maximum advantages in your day-to-day life. So take a look

  1. Warm Water in the Early Morning:- If you are a fitness freak and you want warm water and honey solution early morning, and then here you go. An electric kettle takes less than 2 minutes to provide you warm water.
  1. A Cup of Tea:- If you are a tea freak and you rush every time to the kitchen to have a cup of tea. As you are outside, you are unable to make it and you are missing your kitchen. Do not worry as the electric kettle take a minute to prepare it. All you need to do is add ingredients in the water and your tea is ready.
  1. Instant Coffee:- If you can make tea then why you cannot make coffee with the help of a kettle? Yes, an electric kettle just takes 2 to 3 minutes to make an instant coffee. All you need to do is to adjust the temperature as per your need and the amount of coffee.
  1. Hot Soup:- How will you feel if you get a hot bowl of soup during winters or on a rainy day? Isn’t it an exciting feeling! The electric kettle is the best choice in these seasons. Pour water, add vegetables, and wait for 2 minutes. Your hot and delicious soup will become ready.
  1. Instant Noodles:- Instant noodles are the easiest way for children and students living in hostels. An electric kettle does the best duty for the hostellers. Don’t wait for your meals for a longer period. Take out an electric kettle, add the proper amount of water and wait for it to boil which is hardly within a minute. Now add noodles into the water and your noodles are ready.
  1. Oatmeal:- You can prepare instant oatmeal within 4 to 5 minutes with the help of your electric kettle whether it be a busy morning or late at night. Boil water and add oatmeal and your instant oatmeal are ready to eat. Just take out your oatmeal and enjoy your morning.
  1. Spa Treatments:- An electric kettle is not only used for making food but it can also be used in parlors for a beauty treatment. You can also so do a spa treatment at home. Boil water in a kettle up to a certain temperature so that you can soak your foot for spa or use the hot water steam for your facial treatment.
  1. Asthma Treatment:- If you are asthmatic and need to do steam then the electric kettle is the best option if you don’t have a steamer. Pour water into the kettle and let it boil. After 3-4 minutes of boiling cover your face and take steam up to 10 or 15 minutes. You can also adjust the temperature as per your choice and need.
  1. Boiling Eggs:- If you need to do a healthy breakfast then a boiled egg is the best option. If you have an electric kettle then boiling eggs is the easiest and hassle-free way that reduces the cooking time.
  1. Boil Milk or Rice:- An electric kettle is the best option for boiling milk for your baby or adults. You need to watch a gas stove if you are boiling milk but it not for an electric kettle. If you are outside your house and you need to prepare a quick lunch then all you need is rice, vegetables, and some spices. Your lunch is ready to serve.

What Do You Look For While Buying An Electric Kettle?

It is not like you just go straightaway and buy an electric kettle. You look into its features, considerations, company, warranty period, etc. sharing a buying guide that will allow you to find the best one for you and your family.

  • Size and Weight:- Electric kettles have different sizes and weights. The weight factor usually depends on the capacity of water inside it. Mainly you look for the facts that it has steel or a glass body. As you need to carry it to different places so you also need to watch out for the weight factor that is it is a heavy one or not.
  • Easy to Use:- Electric appliances are made to make our daily life easier and supportive. Electric kettles come with different factors light handling options, chord length, winding of the cord, 360-degree rotating base, and much more. These features make the kettle is convenient and easy to use while traveling.
  • Noise-Free:- Electric kettles are the most silent appliance in your kitchen as it performs the boiling work without any noise. It only gives a beep sound after the boiling is over.
  • Boiling Speed:- Boiling water is one of the important features one must look for and boiling speed is an important factor from all the features so we consider electric kettles that provide high speed in terms of microwaves or stoves. Usually, we find electric kettles that boil water in 3 to 4 minutes while it may go up to 5 to 6 minutes. Search one which is more efficient to use.
  • Capacity:- Capacity is one of the most important aspects while buying an electric kettle where we always search for the quantity of hot water we will get instantly. Electric kettles nowadays come in different sizes and varieties. Some kettles have 1 liter, 1.2 liters, 1.5 liters, and 1.7 liters. Those who need more hot water can go for the highest liter capacity or else you can go for a 1-liter turtle which is enough.

How to Use An Electric Kettle

An electric kettle is an efficient performer that allows you to provide hot boiling water in just minutes. It has a heating element that gets heated when electric current passes and then the water boils inside it. The capacity and the speed of boiling depend on the water level and the electric current.

If you are new to using an electric kettle then just follow the steps below:

  1. Open the electric kettle from the box
  2. Pull out the cord from its base and plug it into the power socket.
  3. Pour water into the electric kettle, switch on the power, and watch out for the light indicator below the kettle is on or not.
  4. If the indicator is running that means the kettle is switched on.
  5. Wait for the water to boil. After boiling the electric kettle shutdowns automatically as nowadays electric kettles have an automatic shut-off option in them.
  6. Now your hot water is ready to use.

For Preparing Other Food Items

If you know how to use an electric kettle for boiling water then it is easy to brew coffee, tea and to prepare food items like noodles, rice, oatmeal, and much more. For this, you only need to change the procedure and temperature.

For brewing a cup of coffee or tea all you need to do is add coffee to the boiling water and let it boil. The same goes for making tea. Add tea leaves and other ingredients like milk, sugar and wait for it to boil. If you have a tea or coffee bag then you only need is plain boiled water.

For making other dishes like noodles, boiling, etc you can add noodles with other ingredients and let it cook. You need to add boiled eggs to the hot water and let it boil.

How to Clean An Electric Kettle

If you are repeatedly using an electric kettle then you need to wash it properly for making hygienic food and to avoid rusting inside it. Without regular cleaning, the kettle may produce residue and flakes. Share is the process of cleaning your electric kettle.

  1. Fill your electric kettle with a solution of water and white vinegar.
  2. Let the electric kettle boil by switching on the plug.
  3. After it reaches the boiling stage switched off and let the solution settle down for 20 to 30 minutes.
  4. Now throw the solution and the remaining residue that had already cleaned the kettle while settling down. Then rinse it multiple times to let the smell of vinegar fade away.
  5. Wipe the kettle with a cleaning cloth overall and it is ready to use.
  6. You can boil water to check whether the smell or taste of vinegar is remaining or not.

Safety Tips For Using An Electric Kettle


  • Clean the electric kettle regularly for better functioning and using it for the long term.
  • Do not take more amount of water for boiling. Only boil the amount of water you need. It will let the heating compound work efficiently and last longer.
  • Follow the guidelines that are set by the company for better usage. If your kettle does not support more operations such as making dishes, boiling milk, preparing noodles, etc then don’t force them to do.


  • Do not store boiled water inside the kettle for a long time as it will decrease the performance of the kettle.
  • Do not run an empty electric kettle. This will impact the performance and can hamper the kettle resulting in a decrease in the life of the hitting compound.


Electric kettles are portable, simple designs and ready-to-use appliance. It is very easy to use as you can any liquid quickly. The plastic lid above it retains the heat coming from inside very well. You must go for a multifunctional, advanced, portable, and better quality kettle for your daily purposes.

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