Important Tips For Install Kitchen Chimney

They say the kitchen is the heart of the house. If it is so, the chimney keeps your kitchen smokeless and odorless. What can be a better way to keep a check on the health of your loved ones?

Have you already bought a chimney and looking for a better way to get it kitchen chimney installation? If yes, then we have got you covered.

Most of the chimney sellers offer installation services at a slightly extra cost or free, but, having some knowledge about the process will help you judge the accuracy of their work. Also, most of the chimneys are accompanied by plastic ducts which are not durable at all. They are most likely to break after a few months of usage.

That is why; it is advised to buy the required duct pipe and get it installed in the first go. However, check the specifications and type of the best kitchen chimney before buying the products.

Read on to Know More About the Kitchen Chimney Installation.

Minimum Required Tool List

This is not a complicated process and can be easily done with the help of simple tools. One needs access to the following tools in order to carry out the installation on his own.

  • Hammers
  • Scissors
  • Screwdriver
  • Pliers
  • Measurement tape
  • Marker pen
  • Tools provided with the chimney

There are Some Other Factors that You Need to Look For:

Size of The Chimney:

The size of the chimney is one of the most important factors that need to be considered. A big chimney can suck up all the smoke but, if the chimney is small, matching the size of the hob, it needs to be displaced right above it, matching end to end.

In the same way, if the size of the chimney is smaller than the hob, then you need to match its center.

Height for Kitchen Installation:

The distance between the cooktop and chimney should be accurate as it is an essential factor to check upon the efficiency of the appliance. If the chimney is installed too close to the cooktop, there is a risk of catching fire. Similarly, if it is installed too high, it will not be able to suck entire heat and smoke.

Ideally, the distance between the hob and chimney should be between 24-30 inches. Fixing it below 24 inches can increase the risk of fire explosion.

Mark the Points for Fastening the Chimney:

The chimney installation kit consists of screws, stands, and various attachments to fasten the chimney. Use the measuring tools to mark the accurate positions on the wall. Identify the points for screws and use the drill to make holes for the screws. Do this process carefully without hurting your fingers.

Attach the chimney to the hood and move forward towards fastening the unit. Place the hood close to that wall and drill holes around 6 mm deep into the wall. Check if the chimney fits well or not. Fix the chimney permanently if you are sure of the arrangements.

A Duct of The Chimney:

When it comes to the duct of the auto clean kitchen chimney in India, there are a few factors that need to look upon. Always prefer stainless steel and aluminum duct over PVC for their strength and durability. PVC can easily melt with excessive heat while suction.

Next, the length of the duct should not be more than 12 feet. Another thing that needs to be considered is the number of bends in the duct. The number of bends is inversely proportional to the suction efficiency of the chimney. A small pipe with a maximum number of bends is more effective.

Cut out For Chimney Duct:

The cutting of the chimney the duct should be 6-inch-wide. It should be made at any external wall of the kitchen at a height of 7-feet above the floor. If you have a pre-existing hole then it’s fine. If not, make a correct hole at the correct space, in the correct position.

Also, you can use the already existing cut out hole of the exhaust fan to pass the duct through it. People who live in rented apartments should opt for a ductless chimney to avoid the hassle.

Once you are done with everything, check with the wiring of the unit and you are good to go.

We hope that this kitchen chimney installation guide serves you with all the relevant information.

How to Use Your Mixer Grinder Juicer Properly?

A mixer juicer grinder is probably the most hard-working appliance in your kitchen. The multi-tasking organ of the kitchen works continuously in and out to make chutneys, thick gravies, and grind spices for you. It not only fills the role but takes the load off your shoulder.

From blending, chopping, grinding to juicing and mixing, a mixer grinder has come a long way in all these years. The most versatile and efficient appliance is designed to make your life easier. You might have the best mixer grinder in India, but you need to use it right to get maximum out of it.

Quicken Up Your Cooking With The Following Juicer Mixer Ideas.

  • Beat the Heat with the Fresh Juices

Fresh, tasty, and nutritious juices are the staple food of the summer. Refresh your body and your family with the nectar drops of the real fruits.

Juicers allow you to pulp your fruits and make fresh juices instantly without any hassle. Had it been possible without an efficient and well-performing appliance?

  • Complement Your Meals with Tangy Chutneys

Different foods taste better with different kinds of chutneys. You need red tomato chutneys with North Indian fried foods and similarly, coconut chutney tastes impeccably well with South Indian dosas and idlis.

The sizzling pakoras taste bland without green chilies and coriander chutney.

Would it have been possible to mince a spectrum of chutneys without a mixer grinder?

Most of the mixer grinder brands offer a special chutney jar, keeping the importance of chutney in mind. Make the spicy, tangy, delicious, and fresh chutneys in a jiffy.

  • Finely Chopped Vegetables for Thick Gravies

The curries are an indispensable part of Indian cuisine. You need finely chopped ingredients if you want to make delicious, mouth-watering thick gravies. Nothing should come in the mouth as such to chew.

For this, you need the highest quality mixer-grinder to churn out the ingredients really well. The raw form of the ingredients should blend in each other, and then in your desired dish.

  • Grinding Masalas

Indian cuisine is a perfect amalgamation of taste and aroma. It is impossible to reach the desired level of perfection without using the right quantity of the right masalas.

The finely and freshly minced spices enrich the whole meal with just a little quantity like 1 or 2 pinches.

The superior quality blenders give a perfect texture to your spices and grate them with perfection without removing their aroma and taste.

If you want to make your cooking easy and enjoyable, you can easily purchase the best mixer grinder 750 watts in India 2021 without spending a good fortune of money. What you need to do is to find an appliance with eminent features to improve your kitchen experience.

Here is a list of some essential features that you must look for.

  • Continuous Grinding

A cooking freak needs to be bestowed upon this biggest blessing. The mixer should allow continuous grinding. Many mixers cannot work continuously and thus make the cooking process slow.

  • The Variety of Jars

Having only one jar promotes the ‘Use, wash, and repeat’ cycle which makes the work complicated. That is why most of the reputed companies provide 2 or 3 additional jars for selling their mixers. Different jars are suitable for different kinds of grinding purposes.

For instance, the bigger jars are meant for making juices and smoothies. Similarly, the smaller ones are meant for making chutneys and mincing other ingredients.

  • Anti-Drip spout

You must have experienced dripping juices or some other mixtures from the jars while the machine is on. The bigger brands observed the issue and came up with a smart anti-drip scout technology. The technology protects the ingredients from coming out of the jar.

  • Warranty

Investing in any appliance or machine should not be disheartening. What if the machines stop working after a short interval of time? All the money will get down the drain. Hence, it advised buying a mixer grinder with a warranty of at least 2 years.

  • High Power

It is important to pay attention to the power and working of the mixer grinder before making the final decision. The power of the machine should be a minimum of 500W.

This article will not only help you understand the rightful use of the mixer grinder but, will assist you in making the right choice as well.

Top 10 Best Electric Kettles in India 2021 | Best Electric Kettle Brand

In this modern world, home appliances are really necessary as it makes our life more comfortable and convenient. Home appliances are mostly mechanical or electrical machines that help us in our household jobs such as cleaning, cooking, preserving food, washing, purifying, exercising, and more. The major household appliances used in our day to day life are mostly for kitchen and bathrooms. The appliances that are used in a kitchen mostly accomplish cooking, cleaning, and preserving food.

An electric kettle is one of the most useful kitchen appliances which are used not only for boiling water make but also to make tea, coffee, etc. All you need to do is to open the lid and pour water or other ingredients and switch on the electricity. The thick metal coil in the bottom of the container is called the heating component. When the kettle is plugged on, the electric current flows into the heating component. The resistance in the component turns the electrical energy to hit the coil and ultimately the cold water starts warming up.

[Compare] Top Best 10 Electric Kettles in India 2021

Best Electric Kettles CapacityWarranty TimeCheck Price
Butterfly Ekn Kettle 1.5 Liters1 Year
Inalsa Electric Kettle 1.5 Liters1 Year
Prestige Pkoss Electric Kettle1.5 Liters1 Year
Kent 16023 Electric Kettle1.7 Liters1 Year
Philips Hd9306/06 Electric Kettle1.5 Liters2 Year
Cello Electric Kettle1 Liters1 Year
Orpat Oek-8137 Electric Kettle1.2 Liters1 Year
Kitchoff Wdf Automatic Electric Kettle1.5 Liters1 Year
Prestige Pk Gss Electric Kettle1.7 Liters1 Year
Pigeon Electric Kettle1.5 Liters1 Year

Top 10 Best Electric Kettles in India 2021

Have a look at the best ten electric kettles brands in India.

Nowadays electric kettle has become an important part of every kitchen. Not only big appliances like refrigerators, dishwashers, mixture grinders, etc but small appliances like electric kettle, dough maker, micro oven, mixture juicer, etc are also adopted for efficient and managing time. An electric kettle is easier to carry around so here is the list of 10 best electric kettles found in India.

1. Butterfly Ekn 1.5 Litre Water Kettle

Butterfly Ekn 1.5 Litre Water Kettle

Butterfly Company provides the best electric appliances in India. During their invention times, it was counted below the basket but now it is the talk of the town competing for bigger giants.

The butterfly electric kettle comes with a stainless steel body. It has 360-degree rotating base features helpful in plugging the kettle from any direction. It has features like automatic switching off during power cut, dry boiling, powerful motor, wide opening, and heat resistant handle for easy pouring of hot water. It has a powerful motor of 1500 watts and a capacity of 1.5 liters.


  • 360-degree spinning base
  • Automatic cut off
  • A thermostat of high quality
  • Concealed heating compound.


  • Small cord length.

2. Inalsa Electric Kettle 1.5-Litre Kettle

Inalsa Electric Kettle 1.5-Litre Kettle

Inalsa electric kettle comes in different colors- black and silver. It is made up of stainless steel with a concealed heating component for safety use. It can boil water within 3 minutes and has a 1.5-liter capacity which is enough to make coffee or tea for 7-8 people. It prevents calcification resulting in long-lasting use. If you need a powerful kettle with a long-lasting working ability then Inalsa electric kettle is the best option. It comes without a warranty period of one year.


  • Stainless steel design
  • Power indicator
  • Automatic shut-off option
  • 360-degree cordless spinning base.


  • Not durable

3. Prestige Pkoss Electric Kettle

Prestige Pkoss Electric Kettle

The prestige electric kettle is a cordless kettle that is disconnected from its base when you pour the boiled water. The prestige electric kettle has good features, power, capacity, and design. It contains a water level indicator where you can easily see how much water is present inside. It has an automatic cut-off ability which cuts off the electric power when the temperature of water increases. It has a 1500 watt motor and 1.5-liter capacity. This kettle is your perfect companion for brewing, cooking, noodles, oatmeals, and boiling eggs.


  • Locking lid in a single touch
  • Automatic shut off option
  • Winding of cord
  • Beautiful design


  • Irremovable lid

4. Kent 16023 Electric Kettle

Kent 16023 Electric Kettle

This electric kettle is one of the trending pieces in India for its beautiful design. It is unique as its body design is transparent and made up of borosilicate glass with a stainless steel lid. Due to the glass body boiling water at high temperature is not an issue. It supports dry boiling and automatic switch-off protection. It comes with a motor of 1500 watt, a capacity of 1.7 liters with a 1 year warranty period. Add this elegant and beautiful addition to your kitchen.


  • Water level indicator
  • Dry boiling protection
  • 360-degree spinning base
  • Beautiful body design.


  • High price

5. Philips Hd9306/06 Electric Kettle

Philips Hd9306/06 Electric Kettle

Philips is the most trusted electronics manufacturer from all over the world that understands his customer and value for money. This is made up of stainless steel with a wide range of safety options for a better experience. It has different features such as wide opening, prevention from overheating, dry boiling, and steam sensor. Its cord is present at the base in a circular motion so when you need to use this just pull it out. This electric kettle provides high-quality performance with a Powerful motor of 1800 watt and 1.5-liter capacity.


  • Large capacity
  • Easy cord wrapping management
  • Steam sensor
  • Dry boiling
  • 1800 watt powerful motor
  • 1.5-liter capacity
  • 360-degree rotating base


  • Traditional design

6. Cello Electric Kettle

Cello Electric Kettle

Electric cello kettle has a wide opening for easy pouring, cleaning, and maintenance. It is made up of stainless steel which comes with a quick heating capacity. It is a good option if you want it is easy to use and a powerful kettle. It has a detachable cord which can be detached after boiling from its circular base. It comes with a capacity of 1 liter and is suitable for making soups, and boiling water.

7. Orpat Oek-8137 Electric Kettle

Orpat Oek-8137 Electric Kettle

Orpat OEK-8137 model is a cordless electric kettle that comes with an aluminum cast design and a stainless steel body. It has a 360-degree rotating base and wide mouth which is great for easy cleaning and easy pouring of liquid food. Its capacity is 1.2 liter and has a power of 1350 watts. It comes with long-lasting and safety features such as an automatic stop option, concealed heating component, and indicator light which stops functioning quality.


  • Cool handle
  • 360-degree rotating base
  • Stainless Steel body
  • Switch on-off option


  • It comes with a very low capacity of 1350 watts.

8. Kitchoff Wdf Automatic Electric Kettle

Kitchoff Wdf Automatic Electric Kettle

This electric kettle is one of the best multi-purpose kettles which come with a concealed heating element and plenty of other features. First of all, it has a durable stainless steel body with a 360-degree rotating base which allows it to serve easily. Other features include automatic cut off which stops the kettle from heat drying, power indicator light, temperature control options, easy handling designs, and a stylish glass lid.


  • Temperature control system
  • 360-degree rotating base
  • Multi-purpose electric kettle
  • Cool handle design


  • Quality issue

9. Prestige Pk Gss Electric Kettle

Prestige Pk Gss Electric Kettle

Prestige offers a wide range of electric kettles and is a masterpiece when it comes to quality and performance. This one has a capacity of 1.7 liters and a high capacity of 1500 W. Its features include a 360-degree spinning power base, concealed heating compound, detachable cord, and a glass lead which defines its elegance and beauty. It has a user-friendly handle with a power indicator in it.


  • Power indicator
  • Automatic shut off option
  • 60-degree cordless spinning base
  • User-friendly handle
  • Glass lid
  • Elegant design


  • Durability problem

10. Pigeon 1.5 Litre Electric Kettle

Pigeon 1.5 Litre Electric Kettle

The pigeon electric kettle comes with an impressive design and stainless steel which is easy to operate. It has a 360 degree rotating base with a cord winding feature. It contains an indicator that shows when the light is on or off. It possesses a higher capacity of 1.5 liters and a power of 1500 watts. The manufacturer offers a 1 year warranty period.


  • Elegant design and build,
  • 360-degree spinning cordless base,
  • Automatic shutting off option


  • Quality problem

Feature Of An Electric Kettle

  • Easy-To-Use:- Electric kettle is easy to handle after hitting as the exterior of the electric kettle is mostly an insulator material. When you use containers on a stove it becomes difficult to handle as the container is hot.
  • Portable:- An electric kettle is a very small, simple, and user-friendly kitchen appliance as you can carry it anywhere, and is used to boil water. It only requires a power source. Nowadays electric kettles have USB charging sports which is why it is portable.
  • Multi-Purpose Use:- Electric kettles are used not only to make hot water but also to make food or drinks or food-related to water such as coffee, tea, instant noodles, soups, etc.
  • Temperature Control:- As electric kettles are used for many purposes so temperature setting is not the same for all. So nowadays electric kettles come with a thermostat which tenses the user to set the temperature.
  • Automatic Shutdown:- When you use cylinders you need to shut it down manually but electric kettles come with setups that will stop the heating automatically once you plug out the electric current.

Advantages and Disadvantages Of An Electric Kettle

Advantages of the Electric Kettle:

  • An electric kettle is used daily and is a multipurpose appliance used to boil water to make tea coffee instant noodles boiling eggs, etc.
  • Electric kettles can work on a USB charger port
  • It comes with an automatic shutdown feature that avoids the kettle from burning.
  • It consumes more energy than stove kettles.
  • It is best used for people who are travel freaks as it is portable and easy to use.
  • Electric kettles have a temperature control system that allows the user to boil any water-related food.
  • Electric kettles are known for saving time as it works comparatively faster than the conventional kettles.

Disadvantages of an Electric Kettle:

  • Every electric kettle is made up of plastic so is more vulnerable to fire accidents.
  • An electric kettle is expensive than a stove kettle.
  • These are made up of plastic which will melt find the thermostat tends to fail.
  • Electric kettles consume more electricity hence raising the electric bills.

How Much Time Does A Kettle Take To Boil?

There is an old saying “a watched pot never boils” which means that you need to watch the boiling container as at that time people were using an inefficient method of cooking or open coal fires. But the old days are gone. An electric kettle is an efficient method to boil water in a couple of minutes as it needs heat energy to boil the water as efficiently and quickly as an open fire.

There are many methods to boil water- on a stove or an open fire with the help of a container where water takes a long time to boil. But in the case of a kettle, the top is closed stopping heat to escape and allows the pressure to boil and dries faster.

Generally, an electric kettle range 2400 watts which means it consumes 2400 joules of electric energy per second. So the kettle takes about 2 to 3 minutes to boil.

How Did Instant Hot Water Boilers Work?

If you want your kettle to boil water faster than you need, then use a powerful kettle or useless water.

Instant water boilers can boil a glass full of water quickly. It contains a powerful heating component and is also designed that the component can operate safely and quickly in contact with a small amount of water only. Let you are boiling water with an energy of 3000 watts then it will take only 30 seconds to boil.

Uses Of Electric Kettle

Are you a working coffee or tea freak? Do you need instant tea or a coffee early in the morning? Are you outside your home and need warm water to drink or to make quick foodstuff? Do not worry as your electric kettle we will provide you many surprising uses of it. This is a compact and user-friendly appliance that will give your maximum advantages in your day-to-day life. So take a look

  1. Warm Water in the Early Morning:- If you are a fitness freak and you want warm water and honey solution early morning, and then here you go. An electric kettle takes less than 2 minutes to provide you warm water.
  1. A Cup of Tea:- If you are a tea freak and you rush every time to the kitchen to have a cup of tea. As you are outside, you are unable to make it and you are missing your kitchen. Do not worry as the electric kettle take a minute to prepare it. All you need to do is add ingredients in the water and your tea is ready.
  1. Instant Coffee:- If you can make tea then why you cannot make coffee with the help of a kettle? Yes, an electric kettle just takes 2 to 3 minutes to make an instant coffee. All you need to do is to adjust the temperature as per your need and the amount of coffee.
  1. Hot Soup:- How will you feel if you get a hot bowl of soup during winters or on a rainy day? Isn’t it an exciting feeling! The electric kettle is the best choice in these seasons. Pour water, add vegetables, and wait for 2 minutes. Your hot and delicious soup will become ready.
  1. Instant Noodles:- Instant noodles are the easiest way for children and students living in hostels. An electric kettle does the best duty for the hostellers. Don’t wait for your meals for a longer period. Take out an electric kettle, add the proper amount of water and wait for it to boil which is hardly within a minute. Now add noodles into the water and your noodles are ready.
  1. Oatmeal:- You can prepare instant oatmeal within 4 to 5 minutes with the help of your electric kettle whether it be a busy morning or late at night. Boil water and add oatmeal and your instant oatmeal are ready to eat. Just take out your oatmeal and enjoy your morning.
  1. Spa Treatments:- An electric kettle is not only used for making food but it can also be used in parlors for a beauty treatment. You can also so do a spa treatment at home. Boil water in a kettle up to a certain temperature so that you can soak your foot for spa or use the hot water steam for your facial treatment.
  1. Asthma Treatment:- If you are asthmatic and need to do steam then the electric kettle is the best option if you don’t have a steamer. Pour water into the kettle and let it boil. After 3-4 minutes of boiling cover your face and take steam up to 10 or 15 minutes. You can also adjust the temperature as per your choice and need.
  1. Boiling Eggs:- If you need to do a healthy breakfast then a boiled egg is the best option. If you have an electric kettle then boiling eggs is the easiest and hassle-free way that reduces the cooking time.
  1. Boil Milk or Rice:- An electric kettle is the best option for boiling milk for your baby or adults. You need to watch a gas stove if you are boiling milk but it not for an electric kettle. If you are outside your house and you need to prepare a quick lunch then all you need is rice, vegetables, and some spices. Your lunch is ready to serve.

What Do You Look For While Buying An Electric Kettle?

It is not like you just go straightaway and buy an electric kettle. You look into its features, considerations, company, warranty period, etc. sharing a buying guide that will allow you to find the best one for you and your family.

  • Size and Weight:- Electric kettles have different sizes and weights. The weight factor usually depends on the capacity of water inside it. Mainly you look for the facts that it has steel or a glass body. As you need to carry it to different places so you also need to watch out for the weight factor that is it is a heavy one or not.
  • Easy to Use:- Electric appliances are made to make our daily life easier and supportive. Electric kettles come with different factors light handling options, chord length, winding of the cord, 360-degree rotating base, and much more. These features make the kettle is convenient and easy to use while traveling.
  • Noise-Free:- Electric kettles are the most silent appliance in your kitchen as it performs the boiling work without any noise. It only gives a beep sound after the boiling is over.
  • Boiling Speed:- Boiling water is one of the important features one must look for and boiling speed is an important factor from all the features so we consider electric kettles that provide high speed in terms of microwaves or stoves. Usually, we find electric kettles that boil water in 3 to 4 minutes while it may go up to 5 to 6 minutes. Search one which is more efficient to use.
  • Capacity:- Capacity is one of the most important aspects while buying an electric kettle where we always search for the quantity of hot water we will get instantly. Electric kettles nowadays come in different sizes and varieties. Some kettles have 1 liter, 1.2 liters, 1.5 liters, and 1.7 liters. Those who need more hot water can go for the highest liter capacity or else you can go for a 1-liter turtle which is enough.

How to Use An Electric Kettle

An electric kettle is an efficient performer that allows you to provide hot boiling water in just minutes. It has a heating element that gets heated when electric current passes and then the water boils inside it. The capacity and the speed of boiling depend on the water level and the electric current.

If you are new to using an electric kettle then just follow the steps below:

  1. Open the electric kettle from the box
  2. Pull out the cord from its base and plug it into the power socket.
  3. Pour water into the electric kettle, switch on the power, and watch out for the light indicator below the kettle is on or not.
  4. If the indicator is running that means the kettle is switched on.
  5. Wait for the water to boil. After boiling the electric kettle shutdowns automatically as nowadays electric kettles have an automatic shut-off option in them.
  6. Now your hot water is ready to use.

For Preparing Other Food Items

If you know how to use an electric kettle for boiling water then it is easy to brew coffee, tea and to prepare food items like noodles, rice, oatmeal, and much more. For this, you only need to change the procedure and temperature.

For brewing a cup of coffee or tea all you need to do is add coffee to the boiling water and let it boil. The same goes for making tea. Add tea leaves and other ingredients like milk, sugar and wait for it to boil. If you have a tea or coffee bag then you only need is plain boiled water.

For making other dishes like noodles, boiling, etc you can add noodles with other ingredients and let it cook. You need to add boiled eggs to the hot water and let it boil.

How to Clean An Electric Kettle

If you are repeatedly using an electric kettle then you need to wash it properly for making hygienic food and to avoid rusting inside it. Without regular cleaning, the kettle may produce residue and flakes. Share is the process of cleaning your electric kettle.

  1. Fill your electric kettle with a solution of water and white vinegar.
  2. Let the electric kettle boil by switching on the plug.
  3. After it reaches the boiling stage switched off and let the solution settle down for 20 to 30 minutes.
  4. Now throw the solution and the remaining residue that had already cleaned the kettle while settling down. Then rinse it multiple times to let the smell of vinegar fade away.
  5. Wipe the kettle with a cleaning cloth overall and it is ready to use.
  6. You can boil water to check whether the smell or taste of vinegar is remaining or not.

Safety Tips For Using An Electric Kettle


  • Clean the electric kettle regularly for better functioning and using it for the long term.
  • Do not take more amount of water for boiling. Only boil the amount of water you need. It will let the heating compound work efficiently and last longer.
  • Follow the guidelines that are set by the company for better usage. If your kettle does not support more operations such as making dishes, boiling milk, preparing noodles, etc then don’t force them to do.


  • Do not store boiled water inside the kettle for a long time as it will decrease the performance of the kettle.
  • Do not run an empty electric kettle. This will impact the performance and can hamper the kettle resulting in a decrease in the life of the hitting compound.


Electric kettles are portable, simple designs and ready-to-use appliance. It is very easy to use as you can any liquid quickly. The plastic lid above it retains the heat coming from inside very well. You must go for a multifunctional, advanced, portable, and better quality kettle for your daily purposes.

Top 5 Best Water heater in India [Sept 2021] | Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

In a country like India, people have to cope up with diverse weather conditions in a year. Especially during the winter season, the last thing that a person wants would be a shower in cold water that brings in a jolt in the nervous system. Imagine having a cold water bath on the morning of December winter, the numb and prickling feeling that creeps in. Instead, a good tepid to hot water bath will soothe muscles and body, giving a great start to the day. Thus the need for water heaters arrives.

Water heaters or Geysers have become an inevitable appliance of everyone’s house in India. In spite of all the conventional methods of water heating, the usage of geysers is suggested due to their safety factors and ease of utilization.

As the handling of this appliance is much easier, it can be used by anyone in your house, from children to senile people. Even, house members under medical treatment can use a relaxing hot water bath for soothing pain. The Household chores like dishwashing can be made assuage during winter days, with the usage of hot water.

Though boiling water on stoves or immersion rods can be seen as a cheaper alternative, in long run the gas consumption rate would touch its peak, increasing the money spent likewise. So, installation of water heating geysers would be the best solution, as it is a one-time investment. Although the electricity bill can be a major concern of middle-class households, up to the minute geyser brands have promised a significantly low electricity consumption.

Comparison of Top 6 Best Water Heater in India 2021

Best Water Heater Capacity WarrantyCheck Price
AO Smith SGS-GREEN SERIES-02525 Liters3 Years on Product
7 Years on Inner Tank
Bajaj Majesty Duetto3 Liters2 years on Product
V-Guard 6 L Safeflo Plus5 Liters2 Years on Product
Orient Techno DX/CX/EX5.5 Liters2 Years on Product
AO Smith HSE-VAS-X-02525 Liters2 Years on Product
Crompton Bliss3 Liters2 Years on Product

Top 5 Best Water Heaters in India (Sept 2021)

In this blog, readers would be introduced to the best water heater brand in India 2021 that suits their needs and budget accordingly. It also gives an idea about what to look for in a water heater, for enlarging geyser’s usage in their household.

1. AO Smith SGS-GREEN SERIES-025 Storage 25 Litre Vertical Water Heater (Geyser)

AO Smith SGS-GREEN SERIES-025 Storage

AO Smith is a trustworthy manufacturer of residential and commercial water heaters for many remarkable years. One of its highly reputable water heater models is AO Smith SGS-GREEN SERIES. AO Smith promises the buyer of 33% faster heating with the most energy-efficient HSE-SGS water heater.

When you think of buying or upgrading your water heater, the first thing that crosses your thought might be the longevity of the appliance, AO Smith HSE-SGS water heater lasts longer due to its Blue Diamond glass lining in the inner tank. As most of the cities in India provide access to hard water, increasing the probability of damage to the appliance. This lining is much stronger and prevents corrosion. Also, the tank has an anode rod with a stainless steel core which also protects the tank from corrosive elements. The anode rod uses a special cathodic action to fight these elements. As a result, the Geyser lasts longer.

Most of the time, Scale and sediment build-up on the surface of the element can lead to premature failure of the Geyser. A. O. Smith has the added feature of Glass Coating which helps to prevent scale formation and thus extending the life of the heating element. This instant water heater for a bathroom is operated at its best between the temperature of 25-75 degrees Celsius.

AO Smith HSE-SGS water heater has gained its position as the best water heater in India, also for its energy-saving capability. It has a Bee 5 star rating. If you are looking for an instant water heater for your bathroom, the AO Smith HSE-SGS water heater is an ideal solution. 


  • V-Guard provides good installation and customer service.
  • Extremely energy – efficient.


  • A relatively low range of temperature variant

2. Bajaj Majesty Duetto Gas 6 LTR Vertical Water Heater (LPG)

Bajaj Majesty Duetto Gas 6 LTR Vertical Water Heater (LPG)

One of the best water heaters in India is Majesty Duetto Gas water heater, of a hand-picked brand, Bajaj. Bajaj Majesty Duetto Gas water heater is LPG supplied. Why is the LPG gas water heater better? As we discussed the LPG consumed by this heater is proficiently lesser than the consumption by stoves. This is a cheaper alternative to the electric water heaters, as the amount spent on electric power would fall drastically. A gas heater can heat up a large amount of water in a short duration. Moreover, the recovery rate which is the time taken to reheat the tank of water after use is relatively less than that of an electric heater. It also has the advantage of utilization during a power outage. If your house consists of more than four members, the Bajaj Majesty Duetto Gas water heater is the best instant water heater in India.

Talking about family, It has a highlighted feature of the 20-minute timer as a safety measure. In order to prevent any kind of mishappenings due to overheating of the coil, the best water heater company in India installed this and other features like Multiple safety options like Child lock, anti-freeze device, the flame-failure device in its Majesty Duetto Gas water heater. There are also Oxygen sensors to prevent combustion due to fewer oxygen levels.

The Outer body of this instant water heater of 2021 is powder coated and anti-corrosive steel. So as to avoid water clogging, mesh for water inlet as instituted. To protect the water heater from damage during a long time of negligence, especially in Summer, Anti-freeze and Summer/Winter option is available. It also supports temperature fluctuations as there is a Thermostat affixed. The maximum supportable temperature is 85 degrees Celsius.


  • Consumes less electric power.
  • Best suited for large storage tank


  • Feasible only at low pressure(lower than 6.5 bar)
  • Not advisable for instant heating

3. V-Guard 6 L Safeflo Plus Gas Geyser

V-Guard 6 L Safeflo Plus Gas Geyser

One of the best instant water heaters in India is V-Guard 6 L Safeflo Plus Gas Geyser. V-Gaurd being the top-notch India based electrical appliance provides instant water heaters at the best price. V-Gaurd is known for its reputed customer service. If you live in a multi-storied building, This instant water is the best recommended. As high raised buildings mean, high water pressure on the water inlets of the geyser. Accordingly, the water heater has to withstand the pressure. PRV protection for the same is a very sensational feature. 20 minute gas flow cut-off timer Suitable for multi-storied buildings is on top of the list.

For a Gas Geyser, V-Guard 6 L Safeflo Plus Gas Geyser is compact to fit into any space. It weighs only about 6kgs, making transportation much easier and cheaper. The low weight makes the geyser easier to wall mount, with less damage to the building structure. The Instant water heater reviews are really good, both the retailer and customer are happy with the product. It also Summer and Winter burner selection, which makes the appliance highly reliable. The Automated Ignition System and the double solenoid valve gives extra protection.


  • Light-weighted – weighs only 6 kgs.
  • Easy installation


  • LPG valve has to be installed prior, making the installation a bit difficult.

4. Orient Techno DX/CX/EX Gas Water Heater

Orient Techno DX/CX/EX Gas Water Heater

Orient Techno DX/CX/EX Gas Water Heater is one of the best instant water heaters at this price. It has a tin-plated copper heat exchanger and a 3-row burner configuration for faster heating. Orient Techno DX/CX/EX is a gas water heater of 5.5 Liter capacity.

It ideally works under 8 bar pressure which is a high tolerance for a gas water heater. It uses LPG. Flame Failure Device, Auto 20-Min Off Timer, Thermal Cut-Off For Overheat Protection, Over-Pressure Protection, Water Leakage Control are all added features of the appliance.

It also has a low-battery indicator to notify in case of insufficient power. The enabling of Summer – Winter mode in the Orient Techno DX/CX/EX Gas Water Heater conditions the appliance to be used throughout the year without any worry about the damage to the appliance caused due to extreme switch of weather conditions.

When it comes to safety, Orient Techno DX/CX/EX Gas Water Heater has passed all the safety criteria a water heater should contain for better and safe functioning. The Thermal Cut-Off For Overheat Protection cuts of the gas supply when there is excess heat production over the permitted range. It also has an automated 20-minute timer off, which would turn of the heat supply which is the burning of gas once the geyser tank has reached a previously set temperature.

If you are residing in a high raised building or the possibility of water pressure to be high is more in your building structure, then the Overpressure protection system would be to your advantage. The Orient Techno DX/CX/EX Gas Water Heater is compatible with a variable pressure range, making it apt for high raised buildings. As the high pressure may cause damage to the geyser appliance. The flame failure device reduces the risk of fire accidents caused due to overheating of the water heater coil. It also controls the leakage of gas. Additionally, there will be a water leakage system installed in every Orient Techno DX/CX/EX Gas Water Heater you purchase, which prevents the leakage of water, thus protecting the life of the appliance as well as control the water usage. It cuts down a lot of service cost as well as it is a choice for environmental welfare by the well known electrical appliance company, Orient. The Double solenoid valve in the water heater by Orient, further prevents excess gas flow, it is for better safety during gas flow. The safety measures and systems in the Orient Techno DX/CX/EX Gas Water Heater is appreciable for the price it is sold.

Everyone by now would have understood the effects due to hard water on any water-based electrical appliance for that matter, would damage the longevity as well as the production quality of the electrical appliance. And Geysers are of no exception. For avoiding scaling, blockage, dry heating, and impurities Mesh on water inlet, gas inlet is installed. Apart from this there is also mesh installed in the chimney which moat probably would stop smoke or any harmful particles escape into the atmosphere. Like all of us have read about how the burning of fuel can affect the atmosphere. Obviously, LPG is a much better solution, still, safety measures as a symbol of care for nature don’t cost much.

When it comes to the controlling of the appliance, a safety lock is provided which controls the on/off operation.


  • Safety devices are highly efficient.


  • LPG valve has to be established.

5. AO Smith HSE-VAS-X-025 Storage 25 Litre Vertical Water Heater

AO Smith HSE-VAS-X-025 Storage 25 Litre Vertical Water Heater

AO Smith provides the best instant water heater, with a liberal capacity of twenty-five liters. AO Smith HSE-VAS-X-025 water heater works between 2000 watts, under the water pressure of 8 bar and a temperature range of 20-80 degree celsius. It takes approximately about eighteen minutes for a reheat.

The inner body material is coated with blue diamond technology lining. It is the most corrosion-resistant material in the industry as of the present technology. The highlight feature of the AO Smith HSE-VAS-X-025 water heater is the & year warranty on the tank and 3-year warranty on the elements, whereas usually, the warranty would cover only up to 2 years maximum.

It also has a BEE 5 star rating, it is extremely energy-efficient.

  1. O. Smith Glass Coating helps to prevent scale formation and extends the life of the heating element. Scale and sediment build-up on the surface of the element can lead to the failure of the appliance much sooner than expected. It would reduce the expectancy of longevity. The Thermal Cutout system, when the water temperature exceeds the highest preset level, turns off the power supply to assure safety. It also has a safety valve that is designed to automatically relieve pressure and discharge water if the pressure overshoots the preset limits.

The inlet and outlet valves have half  BSP which most common and thus easier for installation. Also making it easier for installation is the lightweight of just 14 kilograms. 


  • The reliable capacity of 25 liters.
  • Extended warranty for 7 years.


  • The recovery rate is comparatively low.

6. Crompton Bliss 3-Litre Instant Water Heater

Crompton Bliss 3-Litre Instant Water Heater

Crompton is a leading electrical appliance brand in India for the past 75+ years. Crompton Bliss water heater is an instant water heater that comes with a weldless tank and ABS Body. It ensures the retainment of heat. It is manufactured with the 3000-watt copper heating element, which fastens the heating of water in the geyser. The tank is stainless steel and weldless making it more durable and rust-free. The same is also available in a 1-liter capacity.

It has an up to the mark 6.5 bar pressure suitable for high rise buildings. It is perfect for large wall spaces. Crompton claims to have an advanced 4 level safety and Multifunctional safety valve. With a thermostat, reset knob, and pre-set thermal cut-out safety is ensured. The engineering of the Crompton Bliss water heater protects from sudden power cut & voltage variations. This makes it ideal for Indian households. Speaking of the functionality, the LED indicators glow green when the water is up for usage.

An Anti-siphon system is installed in each Crompton water heater to ward-off the backflow of water and the heating element from any dry heating damage. With regards to aesthetics and style, the Crompton Bliss water heater is fabulously sleek and fits any space giving your space an elegant look.


  • Light-weighted – weighs only 3.5 kgs.
  • Best suited for heating water for household chores like dishwashing.


  • Feasible only at low pressure(lower than 6.5 bar)
  • Not suitable for high raised buildings.

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Checklist For Buying a New Water Heater That Suits You

With emerging technologies and as many brands as to provide so much variety of options in instant water heaters, it is vital for you to jot down your needs and decide the heater that best suits you. Every house has its own unspoken rules, spot the water heater that best befits you for the appliance’s best efficiency and proficiency.

1. Storage Capacity

If your residence comprises more than two people it is important for you to choose the right storage capacity of the water heater, which would store the required amount of water. The ideal water capacity would be about 20-35 liters of water. Still, the daily consumption level of your household has to be considered. The below table would give you a rough idea of the same.

Capacity Criteria

6-10L 2 people per bathroom

15L 1 – 2 person per bathroom in a cold climatic location

15L or more 3 – 4 person per bathroom

25L 3 – 4 person per bathroom in a cold climatic location

35L or more More than 4 people, bathtubs

Instant water heater Kitchen, mild hot water requirement

2. Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency products would cost you less in the long run and are also good for our environment. So, it’s a smart and eco-friendly option to go with water heaters which are less power consuming yet are highly efficient. Check for the energy star rating of the appliance. The higher the energy star rating, the higher is the efficiency that is, it consumes less power but the output is comparatively more.

The latest tankless models are the most energy-efficient than their conventional alternates. This is made possible due to the growing technology. A tankless water heater heats the water only at the time of usage. Therefore, only at the time when the heater is on, the energy is consumed. On the other hand, in the traditional water heater setup, water is stored in a large tank. When the water in the tank cools off, the fuel kicks in and heats it again. If you want to cut down costs and meanwhile be environmentally friendly, tankless models can be a one-stop-solution. But there are much more energy-efficient storage tank water heaters with a high energy star rating, which are best recommended.

3. After-Sales Service

Water heaters are prone to damage over time, so necessary care has to be taken. It is very important to have good after-sales service support to repair the geysers in case of damage, So choose the right brand that has good customer service in your locality. The customer care team of the respective company has to be working continuously to provide speedy resolutions to your product and service-related complaints.

4. Water Type

Many consumers of the water heaters or geysers underestimate the damage caused by hard water to their water heaters. Hard water contains high levels of mineral salts like calcium and magnesium which affect the appliance for long periods of utility. These minerals present in hard water can cause scaling. As the time from purchase increases, it is most likely for the minerals in hard water affect the appliance. You should be conscious of choosing the right water heater that has necessary prevention features like the suitable lining and coating material of the inner tank. You should additionally alert if you belong to coastal regions, where the minerals in groundwater would be really high, or from a place where undistilled water is common.

5. Pressure Pump Compatibility

In the case of high rise building, Pressure pump applications for water heaters are mandatory. Most water heaters available in the market have the possibility of a leakage when exposed to high water pressure.

6. Functionality

The functionality of the water heaters is important for ease of utility. Ensure that the one you choose is easy to use and heats up instantly. Some water heaters also come with a heating indicator – in the form of LED lights – that change colour to indicate when the water is hot and ready for use.

Safety functionalities also should be considered. If the appliance has an overheat prevention systems to avoid any kind of mishappenings. These systems may include sensors, timers.

7. Stylish

Of course, the aesthetics of the appliance is important if you want a bathroom that is well organized and pretty. A pleasant-looking bathroom means a relaxing bath. A perfect water heater is the one that does its job of soothing one’s bathing experience and thus aesthetics also compiles into it. So while investing in a good water heater, do pay heed to the style and colour factor that suits your bathroom interior.

Essential Features of Water Heaters

As above discussed, the functionality of the water heater is an important category to look upon.

  1. Fuse/Circuit Breakers:- a fusible plug is a system that would blow itself off, completely shutting the passage of current to the heater if current overshoots the permissible limits. Alternatively, the earth leakage circuit breaker is used for this purpose. When there is current leakage, these ensure protection from electrocution.
  2. Child Lock:- Prevents child or toddler turning on the power supply for the water heaters.
  3. Digital Thermostat:- If the water exceeds the permitted temperature, it shuts off the power supply temporarily.
  4. Anti-freeze:- During extreme weather conditions, anti-freeze technologies help in stopping water from turning into ice and also during summer, prevents the water from evaporating.
  5. Silver Ion:- Silver ion technology in the anode prevents the development of bacteria or any germs, making the water clean for usage.
  6. IPX4 Protection:- Pentashield technology prevents electrical wirings from humidity or splash of water on them.
  7. Flame failure Protection:- This feature is used to prevent the buildup of large amounts of gas in gas water heaters.
  8. Pressure Valve:- Most of the new geysers from different manufacturers come with a safe automated valve to avoid the high pressure of water flow above the permitted level from damaging the geyser.
  9. Smart Geysers:- Heaters with Digital Display and Remote/App controls
  10. Glassline Coating:- It is very effective in providing resistance to corrosion.
  11. Porcelain Enamel Coating:- It also prevents rust and corrosion.
  12. Titanium Enamel Coating:- Tremendous protection from hard water.
  13. Blue Diamond Glass Coating:- Best to avoid scale, sediment, residue build-up on the surface of the heater tank due to the hard water.
  14. Nano Coating with Single Weld Line:- Apart from preventing corrosion it also prevents leakage.


The wide range of options available for the consumers to choose from has opened up the need for instant water heater reviews guiding the buyers to choose the right with confidence and clarity. In this growing field of technological features, it should be ensured that the technical advanced innovated by the company has to be used by the consumer at the right notion for a better coherence of the product. This would mean the right usage of technology. However, to achieve the above mentioned a critical analysis of the consumer’s needs and the relatively appropriate product’s feature is key.

A Geyser has become mandatory in everyone’s household. Technology has improved significantly that, companies are able to produce quality electrical appliances at a reasonable cost. The marketing skills of the companies also have made every corner of India irrespective of the geographic separation have access to new advanced technical appliances. As it is no longer a luxury but a necessity, it is essential to think twice before purchasing water heaters.

In Conclusion, the effectiveness of the product purchased will be at its peak when the needs are analyzed and the right product in the Best Instant heater brand is purchased. Exploiting the technology to its fullest is what makes you an ideal consumer.

Top 5 Best Food Processor in India (September 2021) With Expert Reviews

The process of preparing food takes a lot of time as the ingredients need to be prepared by finely chopping, grating, kneading, slicing, shredding, etc. These tasks are more time-consuming. So, here we have a good piece of news for you. You can now spend have to spend lesser time in the kitchen with the food processor. This helps you by cutting down your preparation time.

A food processor is an electronic appliance with sharp blades and discs. It is a multidimensional appliance that performs Chopping, grating, kneading, slicing, shredding, etc. Today, the term quite often alludes to an electric-motor driven appliance, even though there are some manual gadgets additionally alluded to as “food processors”.

A food processor consists of movable, manageable, and removable parts. i.e., a stable heavy base or housing unit, a shaft that extends up to the base to fit blades, various blades and discs for chopping, mixing, kneading, etc., a work bowl, and a feed tube or pusher rod. Food processors save a lot of time and energy in the food-making process.

The handling or holding compartments on Food Processors are accessible in sizes going from 2 to 14 cups. The more modest measured Processers are restricted in their functionalities, however function admirably for extremely restricted and little undertakings. Normal extras or segments may incorporate any of the accompanyings: food feeder tubes (wide or limited mouth); little to enormous processor bowl (some have snap-on tops for the capacity of prepared substance); plate cutting edges, steel “S” sharp edge for cleaving, a batter edge, circle cutting edges for fine or medium cuts, and grater plate edges for fine of medium grinding.

There are many brands of food processors are available in the market. But choosing the right one is very important. That will add more value to the kitchen. To choose the best brand, you have to do your research. Otherwise, the salespersons may confuse you.

Don’t worry. This article will help you to choose to buy the best food processor available in the market.

[Compare] Top 5 Best Food Processor in India 2021

Best Food ProcessorBowl CapacityWarrantyCheck Price
Morphy Richards 3.2 Liters
2 Years on Product
Inalsa Food Processor 2 Liters
2 Years Warranty on Motor
Usha FP 3810 2.4 Liters
2 Years on Product
Butterfly Cresta 5 Jar800 ML2 Years on Product
Philips HL7707/00 1.5 Liters2 Years on Product and 5
Years Motor Warranty

Here is the list of the best food processors available in the market.

Top 5 Best Food Processor in India 2021

Let us look at some of the best food processors in India (not in any particular order of preference) before providing you helpful insights into buying the best one available on the market.

1. Morphy Richards Icon Superb 1000-Watt Food Processor (Glazing Copper and Black)

Morphy Richards Icon Superb 1000-Watt Food Processor (Glazing Copper and Black)

With the Morphy Richards food processors, without spending more time, you can do all that was done in the kitchen like when people had more time. You can slice your vegetables or fruits, make chutneys, prepare dosa or egg batter, etc. You can perform up to 16 different functions as per your need. To prevent a child from accidental injury The Morphy Richards food processor came with a special child lock.

Morphy Richards food processor is like a flow breaker which enables the ingredients are grounded or blended as perfectly as you want. It empowers you to play out the hardest of the jobs easily. This food processor came up with 11 different kinds of attachments and 6 stainless steel blades to perform 16 different functions as per your need. It consists of 7 different jars for multiple functions. This product comes with a 2-year warranty.


  • Best quality.
  • Very good post-sales service from Bajaj.


  • Sound and Vibration.

2. Inalsa Food Processor INOX 1000-Watt With Blender Jar

nalsa Food Processor INOX 1000-Watt

The Inalsa 1000W multi-function food processor comes with a 100% Copper Motor. Ideal for occupied kitchens when space is including some hidden costs. It can perform multiple tasks with one appliance.  This appliance is suitable for chopping, shredding, slicing, and emulsifying foods. Prevalent Quality and Multi-Purpose Jars-Made from great steel which can be utilized for incredible preparation.

The capacity of the main bowl is 2 liters, you can do large volumes of food in one go. The attachments can be removed easily to clean after use. This food processor is quiet and you can do your work peacefully without any disturbance. To choose different speed functions, you have 3-speed settings. The Inalsa food processor contains a child-safe interlocking system and an overheat safety protection system. It contains 12 accessories and came up with 2 years of warranty.


  • Powerful motor.
  • Quality jars.


  • The price is a bit higher.

3. Usha FP 3810 Food Processor 1000-Watt Copper Motor with 13 Accessories(Premium SS Finish)

sha FP 3810 Food Processor 1000-Watt Copper Motor

The items made by Usha have broadly utilized the nation over. It serves all the necessities of a normal Indian family. Usha FP food processor can take care of 12 kitchen processes. It has 13 attachments and a 100% copper motor. High performance due to 1000W power. It has 1 Impact Resistant Jars, 2 Stainless Steel Jars, and 1 Food Processing Bowl. For different speed adjustments if has 3 pulse speed settings. The capacity is 2.4 liters.

Main Unit, Processing Bowl with Lid, Pusher, Centrifugal Juicer attachment with lid and pusher, Citrus Juicer Assembly, etc. The included components are a food processor, instruction manual, and warranty card To ensure consumer safety Usha FP food processor comes up with an in-built locking mechanism. Without proper locking, the food processor will not start.  Usha food processor comes up with 2 years of warranty.


  • Very well built.
  • Powerful motor.


  • The price is a bit expensive.
  • Poor quality parts.

4. Butterfly Cresta 5 Jar Food Processor

Butterfly Cresta 5 Jar Food Processor

The precision and power of the Butterfly Cresta Food Processor make the Kitchen operation effortless. Ergonomically planned unbreakable polycarbonate transparent juicer container with pusher for fine extraction of juice. It has a 1 HP Powerful Motor and an aesthetically designed body made of shockproof ABS.

The Butterfly Cresta food processor has 4-speed control for efficient & quick grinding. This Mixer Grinder gives exclusively designed 3 Stainless Steel Jars with universal blades for different functions. Food processors come with a built-in locking mechanism to ensure consumer safety. Without proper locking, the food processor will not start. The accuracy and intensity of the Butterfly Cresta Food Processor make the Kitchen activity easy. Cut vegetables/natural products for natural product serving of mixed greens, chopping, grinding, mincing, blending, granulating, squeezing, mixing, liquidizing, separating, atta working, citrus squeezing all in Butterfly Cresta Food Processor at a simple model.


  • Powerful motors.
  • Great quality jars.
  • Attractive LED light knob.
  • Space-saving.


  • It is priced on the higher side.

5. Philips HL7707/00 food processor, 750W, 4 Jars (Black)

Philips HL7707/00 food processor

Incredible 750W engine with smaller set-up fits most kitchen necessities and takes least stockpiling space, with Gear Drive innovation that underpins food handling. Watertight containers, simple to-collect extras. Special disc embeds for cutting and destroying take into consideration best blending, crushing, cleaving, grinding, cutting, and atta kneading. It includes Mixer Grinder, ChefPro Bowl, Chutney Jar, Multipurpose Jar, Wet Jar, Pulp Extractor, chopping attachment, Fine shredding tool, Fine slicing tool, Grating tool, and Kneading tool.

Philips food processor works with 750W power. This product comes with a 2-year product warranty and a 5-years motor warranty.


  • Low noise.
  • Works well.


  • Not good for some juices.

The base of the food processor isn’t too light, nor is it excessively substantial. The legs of the base are vacuum empowered to guarantee that the structure remains stable on a superficial level. On the base is a string winder as well, which can be utilized to guard the wire when not being used.

Things to Check While Buying a New Food Processor

Food processors are machines that make cooking arrangements a lot simpler and bother free. The repetitive and distressing assignments of cutting, chopping, whipping, mixing and others have surely been made less difficult by food processors. In any case, working this machine likewise requires consideration and precautionary measures. Without being careful while utilizing a food processor, you could ruin the food things or more regrettable, can get injured yourself. It is thus that as a purchaser, you should be completely mindful of how to choose the correct food processor for yourself. Be that as it may, with the correct tips, looking for a food processor will turn out to be simple, educational, and fun.

1. Check Out The Features

The features of the food processor are very important. You have to concentrate on features like Power, Capacity, Size, Safety measures, etc. The machine must be kept in your kitchen, so ensure it supplements the kitchen well. By knowing features you can operate the processor well.

2. Motor and Speed

This is the most important feature to keep in mind. No matter what the task is a powerful motor will have the power to handle it. So, If you have any queries regarding Motor, clarify before buying the product. You have to check the speed of the food processor because that makes you work fastly.

3. Strong Blades

All the functions are done by blades and discs. A weak or dull blade of a food processor leads to less effective work. So in addition to engine power, having solid and sharp cutting blades is something important.

4. Size

Bigger food processors take up more counter space in your kitchen. So, the food processors have a small and compact size.  Then you can use it whenever you want.

5. Safety Measures

While there’s some danger of accidental injury or spillage with any blender, the food processor has to be equipped with several features that make it safe to use. It must have child safety interlocking or build in interlocking.

6. Warranty

A warranty time of one year or more is ideal. Get some answers concerning the warranty or guarantee period and strategy of your food processor. A decent warranty period guarantees bother free and simple support of your appliance for a more drawn out timeframe.

When considering assignments performed by food processors, they are by and large best for 1) slashing or mincing things, for example, spices, garlic, nuts, olives, and select vegetables; 2) grinding carrots, cheddar, chocolate; 3) cutting cabbage, onions, potatoes, and vegetables; 4) blending, mixing or making breadcrumbs, bread or pizza mixture, hummus, mayonnaise, and tapenade. It is recommended that errands, for example, pounding flavors or nuts, pureeing into easily mixed combinations, or cutting into equivalent lengths and sizes can best be cultivated with a blender.

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Types of the Food Processor

Food processors are so many types depending on the operation they perform. Following are the most important types.

1. Hand Operated Food Processor

While most food processors run on power if you need the comfort of having the option to take your food processor with you regardless of where you go, at that point you will need to pick one that is hand-worked. This implies you can carry your food processor with you while you are exploring nature or simply bring it out into the back yard for when you will be cooking outside. Hand operated food processors are best utilized when you need to do essential assignments, for example, chopping vegetables for salsa or a soup. They are not sufficiently able to have the option to deal with huge amounts of food at a time or to deal with extreme vegetables or meat.

2. Electric Food Processor

Likely the most well-known sort of food processor available, it’s truly simple to discover electric variants in many stores. These do require a source to have the option to work, yet will, in general, be significantly more remarkable than hand-operated ones. Most electric food processors having a feeding tube that will permit you to take care of the food things you need to be handled down into the bowl where they will hit the cutting edge and be slashed up.

In the electric food processor, a few other types are there.

3. Batch Bowl Food Processors

Batch bowl food processors are incredible for applications where you’ll be working with little to medium-size batches, and you need the accommodation of containing the entirety of your completed item. The base of the unit houses a motor that turns a vertical shaft. A bowl, generally made of straightforward plastic, fits around the shaft. Slicing cutting edges can be appended to the shaft; these fit to work close to the lower part of the bowl. Destroying or cutting plates can be appended to all things being equal; these turn close to the highest point of the bowl. A top with a “feed tube” is then fitted onto the bowl.

4. Continuous Feed Food Processors

Constant feed food processors are incredible for applications where you will handle lots of ingredients and a batch bowl would restrict profitability. A heap of vegetables doesn’t need to mean a pile of planning time! Hobart’s business vegetable processors’ huge size feed containers take out pre-cutting and empower the handling of a wide assortment of produce. Long vegetables like celery, cucumber, and carrots feed effectively into the chute and come out wonderful without fail!

The exceptional de-coring screw, accessible on select vegetable processor models, avoids food away from the plate center point for more complete handling. Planned with a planetary drive, this ceaseless feed food processor empowers you to control through hefty burdens without a required “rest-time” between occupations

4. Combination Food Processors

Combination food processors have both a batch bowl and a continuous feed head, which allows you to adjust to various circumstances and prepare needs relying upon what your menu requests. Decrease planning time without relinquishing consistency and quality. Hobart’s slicer/blender/food processor combo is easy to use from setting up to tidy up, so you can invest less energy hacking, cutting and destroying and additional time culminating your plans.

Useful Features of the Food Processor

The Food Processor is the most adaptable arrangement. It consolidates practically all the standard activity during cooking. Usefulness relies upon the particular model and straightforwardly influences its size and cost. This guide clarifies the key features you ought to consider while picking the ideal food processor.

When considering assignments performed by food processors, they are by and large best for 1) slashing or mincing things, for example, spices, garlic, nuts, olives, and select vegetables; 2) grinding carrots, cheddar, chocolate; 3) cutting cabbage, onions, potatoes, and vegetables; 4) blending, mixing or making breadcrumbs, bread or pizza mixture, hummus, mayonnaise, and tapenade. It is recommended that errands, for example, pounding flavors or nuts, pureeing into easily mixed combinations, or cutting into equivalent lengths and sizes can best be cultivated with a blender.

1. Power

An incredible motor will speed through chopping and cutting undertakings. Power is estimated in wattage and you should search for a model within any event 600 watts. Ordinarily, you’ll find only On/Off power buttons on your processor, alongside a pulse mode that is helpful for generally chopping things or light blending.

2. Capacity

This relies upon the number of individuals you routinely cook for and how much cooking you do. Enormous 2-liter models with wide feed tubes let you measure large bunches of food, while a 1.3 to the 2-liter processor is adequate for little families or couples. Significantly, limit alludes to dry fixings – liquids must be prepared at about a large portion of the expressed ability to maintain a strategic distance from spills.

3. Size and Weight

A food processor is a huge, weighty appliance so consider where you’ll put it in your kitchen. There should be sufficient space for it on your worktop and enough space above so you can utilize the taking care of feeding tube and lid. If it will be put away in an organizer, pick a lightweight model that can be lifted effectively into position when you need it.

4. Storage Container

Keeping cutting blades and attachments securely put away together in one spot implies you can discover things immediately when you need them.

5. Dishwasher Safe

Cleaning bowls and connections can be an issue, so search for a model with dishwasher-safe parts and attachments.

6. Ide Feeding Tube

Saves on preparation work as it can deal with entire things, for example, potatoes and onions or huge bits of food.

Uses of Food Processor

There are so many uses of food processors. The below list showing some of the important uses of food processors.

1. Making Dough

This is the thing that you ought to thoroughly need to make the batter with a food processor, flour, water, and around 1 to 2 minutes of your life. That is the way fast and non-mentioning it is. You need simply worry about applying an unstable layer of cooking shower or oil and keeping up a moderate and even water input. The rest can be left to the machine.

2. Slashing/Shredding/Slicing/Grating Cheese, Vegetables, And Fruit

Your fundamental duty while using a food processor is to guarantee that the machine has the very most ideal conditions to work, i.e., space, power source, gifted request of the machine, and required augmentations. Do recollect that just medium to immense size processors have the plate set for the recently referenced tasks. More modest than anticipated choppers, in light of the nonappearance of associations, are not as fit. Taking everything into account, they can even now do a genuine fine work at severing up produce.

3. Making Sauce, Dips, And Others

Like dressings, any sort of sauce or plunge is no trouble in any way shape or form. The guideline steps of their creation are by and large hacking, dicing and mincing. Besides, what do food processors do best? Just that! In a matter of several minutes, we can set up a dive as resuscitating as salsa or a sauce as tasty as pureed tomatoes (save for the cooking part). You ought to just PULSE.

4. Making Salads and Dressings

“Elation” is the method by which people habitually portray making plates of blended greens and dressings in with a food processor, especially with coleslaws and the like. Simply use the circles that go with your unit and in a matter of seconds, the veggies and natural item will be hacked down to nearly nothing and even cuts. Now and again, you won’t need a sharp edge and cutting burden up.

Dressings are considerably more simple. Just put on the S sharp edge, add everything in, and PULSE! It’s brisk and insignificant notice is needed as there isn’t a great deal to be stressed over. You’ll be bewildered at how long can be saved.

5. Making Crumbs

This one is clear. What could be better than a food processor in beating dried bread or oreo into little particles? The S front line that is particular to the machine is what improves it than various mechanical assemblies in diminishing crunchy food to fine pieces.


A food processor is a kitchen appliance used to encourage dull undertakings in the planning of food. Today, the term quite often alludes to an electric-motor driven appliance, even though there are some manual gadgets additionally alluded to as “food processors”.

Food processors are like blenders in numerous structures. A food processor regularly expects practically no liquid during use, in contrast to a blender, which requires a set measure of liquid all together for the cutting edge to appropriately mix the food. Food processors are utilized to blend, chop, dice, and slice, taking into consideration quicker dinner planning.

While some smaller than expected food processors are hand operated, most run by power. Ordinarily, the wattage is around 500-1,200, giving enough capacity to cut through the hardest food. The motor is ground-breaking, however, it is set inside the base, making it stable evidence. The engine turns metal plates or discs around at high speeds. As a rule, food processors have two-speed controls of low or high, with a few, similar to the Cuisinart DLC-2014N, having the choice of a pulse button. The pulse button permits you to physically control the blades while as yet creating a high spin rate.

Rather than vegetables, meat has a much harder and more rubbery surface. Cutting up or mincing meat is reliably a turbulent and endeavoring task, at any rate for the novices. But none of those issues concerning the food processor. You ought to just toss the “protein lumps” in and PULSE! With immaterial wreck and irrelevant effort, the ground results will be ideal for whatever you’re making.

There are various tips and procedures for utilizing food processors notwithstanding, a few that are basic include: 1) To grind delicate things, for example, delicate cheddar, dried organic product, meat, poultry, or chocolate to give some examples, freeze the food to harden it into a firmer surface that grates simpler and all the more consistently; 2) To cut or slash food things into sizes or shapes that are comparative, pre-cut the food into more modest pieces and afterward measure with by more than once killing the processor on and for brief terms.

We have covered all parts of the food processors. These machines have come to remain in the advanced Indian kitchen. The granulating stone and wheel have become terminated today as India walks ahead on the innovation front.